Kristy Gherlone is the New Hampshire author of novels The History Lottery, Twelve Urns, and Innate Tendencies. Currently, you can also find some of her short stories in Squawk Back 167, Bedlam Magazine’s Loud Zoo #9, Every Writer’s Resource, Wild Women’s Medicine Circle Journal, Short Fiction Break, The Mystery Tribune, Mystic Blue Review, Edify Fiction, Fiction on the Web, Defenestration Mag, Down Dirty Words Presents The Legendary, The Hickory Stump, and The Metaworker.

Kristy grew up in northern Maine, attended the University of Maine in Orono, worked for Baxter State Park, and as an Early Interventionist for children with autism.

Currently, she is a full-time writer, mother, grandmother, and pekin duck mother of Miss Sassafras.

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Twelve Urns

Innate Tendencies